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Techeffex Hosting has partnered with Go Daddy to bring you state of the art hosting and support at unbeatable prices. Our hosting service offers everything you need including:

Why choose Techeffex Hosting?

  • unbeatable pricing!
  • state of the art data centers
  • 24x7 tech support
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • daily backups

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Cloud Hosting

The "Cloud" refers to any collection of computers that are linked together to act as a single computing platform. Traditional hosting is provided by a single computer (or server) with its own processor, RAM and hard drive. If some component of that server goes down, so does your site.

Cloud HostingIn a cloud configuration, processors, RAM and hard drives from multiple computers are all used to act as one computer or server. If one processor goes down, the system simply stops using that computer and your site keeps chugging along.

While cloud hosting tends to be a little more expensive than shared hosting, it's worth a look if high performance and reliability are important.


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