Techeffex Internet Marketing Solutions

Website Design

Techeffex provides a full range of design services including:

  • corporate website designs
  • mobile & responsive web design
  • Wordpress blogs
  • e-commerce
  • site maintenance
  • content management systems
  • database systems
  • email systems

PHP and MySQL Website Development

We use PHP and MySQL to build all of our websites and have the expertise to apply this technology to your project resulting in a solid, reliable design. With over 25 years of engineering background, you can be sure your site is built to last.

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Responsive Web Design

All of our new web developments are done using a technique called Responsive Web Design(RWD). A responsive design will adapt itself to look good on any size viewing platform, from giant screen TVs to desktops, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. A responsive website is ready for whatever the future may hold.

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Wordpress Blogs

Wordpress is the standard platform for blogging. With 1000s of themes freely available, Wordpress can be used as an add-on to an existing site or a complete standalone Content Management System. We have been developing custom themes and providing Wordpress support for years and can help with all of your blogging needs.


We can help you with all of your online commerce needs including secure interfacing to credit card payment gateways and Paypal. We can develop a custom shopping cart or integrate any one of the many commercial solutions available, providing you with the best solution to fit your needs.

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HTML5 is In

HTML5 is the latest standard for website markup. While the complete standard is not fully supported on any browser, there is enough support among all browsers to make it the right choice for any new project. HTML5 and the latest CSS offering allow designers to create cool designs with higher performance resulting in shorter load times and less data usage, an important consideration for mobile users who pay for their data.

Flash is Out

Flash is outIn older sites, Flash was traditionally used for fancy animations or in some cases, the entire design. But when Apple introduced the first Iphone, they proclaimed that they would not support Flash on their IOS platforms and that was it for Flash technology.

When an Iphone or Ipad user pulls up a site that has Flash, they are typically greeted with a black box where the Flash animation was supposed to be. With the growing number of Iphones and Ipads out there, website owners can no longer justify having Flash on their sites.

If you have any Flash on your existing website, it's time to replace it with something else. Call us, we can help.


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