Santa Rosa SEO

Santa Rosa SEO can be challenging in one of the most competitive business markets in Sonoma County. Many internet users will add the keywords “Santa Rosa” to their search when looking for local businesses. If you compete in the North Bay area, it’s critical that your business shows up for Santa Rosa based searches.

Providing Santa Rosa SEO and internet marketing services is what we do. Professional SEO and internet marketing is not just a matter of throwing some ideas at the wall to see what sticks – there is a method to showing up well on Google while using “white hat” strategies that won’t result in a Google ranking penalty down the road. We provide many SEO services including:

Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is used to determine which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your business based on your products and services but also what your prospects are searching on the most. We use sophisticated,  state of the art SEO tools to find all the most relevant keywords, add them to our keyword support list and track progress over time.

On Page SEO

We use On Page SEO to make sure all the technical elements are in place on any given page to make sure Google knows what the page is about. This includes optimizing headings, HTML tags and content. We may also add additional pages and content to provide further support for specific keywords. There’s a finer line between adding quality content to support keywords and “overstuffing” keywords resulting in a negative impact on rankings. Google is very good at interpreting content and is constantly revising their search algorithm.

Link Building

Link building involves acquiring backlinks to your site and can be one of the most challenging elements of SEO. Yet quality links to your website is a significant ranking factor for Google. We have the tools and process to manage a successful link building campaign including:

  • Competitive Research: Find out what links your Santa Rosa SEO competitors have and see if you can get some of the same
  • Backlink Audit: What backlinks do you have and are any of them hurting your website’s reputation
  • Link Outreach: Track your link building outreach progress

When your business relies on a strong internet presence, you can count on the Santa Rosa SEO experts at Techeffex to provide effective strategies as part of a complete internet marketing campaign in addition to state of the art web design.

SEO isn’t easy – it takes time and patience and the right strategy. We’ve been in the Santa Rosa market for years and know how to promote your business to get results using our advanced SEO tools. Get in touch now to boost your Google rankings and get more business!

Santa Rosa SEO