Our SEO Increases Leads and Sales

Good SEO is hard work and takes time. There are no short cuts and if someone tells you otherwise, find another SEO provider.

We look at digital marketing as a holistic process that focuses on your goals – more leads and more sales. Search Engine Optimization is part of that process which can include other disciplines like video and social media. We use a variety of tools in our process to achieve higher page rankings and more website traffic. We get reliable results by focusing on what your customers are searching for and optimizing your site to provide quality content for those searches.

Get a Digital Marketing Audit



    Every website and every business is different. First, we start by assessing your situation and make recommendations based on your business goals. The Digital Marketing Audit report includes an evaluation of your current situation for:

    • on-page and off-page SEO
    • local Search Engine Optimization
    • page load speed
    • links (Inbound and internal)
    • Google Search Console data
    • Google Analytics
    • social media presence


    Next we execute on our suggestions and recommendations. Tasks we perform as part of implementation may include:

    Analyze and Report

    We analyze SEO progress on an ongoing basis and provide monthly reports so you can see how things are going for yourself. After analysis, we will re-assess if needed and continue with the implementation of the program. Our monthly report includes among other things:

    • site traffic measurements
    • rankings data
    • link growth
    • conversions and goals
    • page speed data

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