Petaluma SEO

Petaluma MarinaEffective SEO takes planning and understanding of how all the pieces tie together. We provide Petaluma SEO services designed to get your website ranking well on Google for your target keywords using Google approved methods.

Petaluma is the second largest city in Sonoma County and should not be ignored when it comes to SEO for your website. Petaluma has a wide range of businesses and customers including everyone from tech workers to farmers. What they have in common is that they all use search engines to find what they are looking for. Most search terms will have the word “Petaluma” in them. Make sure your are providing adequate SEO support for these terms.

We offer Petaluma SEO services to get your business on page one for relevant Google searches including:

Petaluma SEO: Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis determines which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your business. We base this on your products and services and also what your customers are searching for on Google.

Petaluma Keyword Position Tracking

Our SEO tools allow us to track keyword positions for searches done in Petaluma.  That means real search data that accurately reflects your keyword ranking for your target audience. This is important because doing a search in Santa Rosa is going to return different results than a search done in Petaluma. We can then tailor your content to best support Petaluma searches. We also track your local Petaluma competitors to see how and what they are doing in terms of search so we go head to head with your competition!

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is used to make sure all the technical elements are in place to make sure Google knows what the page is about. This includes among other things: optimizing headings, HTML tags and content. In addition, we evaluate content support for your top keywords and add pages and content as needed. Having quality pages dedicated to specific keywords can make a real difference in your website traffic. We use advanced SEO tools to help determine if website content needs adjustment to provide maximum keyword support.

Link Building

Link building involves getting links to your site from other websites and can be one of the most challenging elements of SEO. High quality links to your site are a significant ranking factor for Google. We have the tools and process to manage a successful link building campaign including competitive link analysis and link building outreach management.

If you’re looking for Petaluma SEO services, you should get in touch. We have the experience and the right tools to have a positive impact on your search rankings, website traffic and business levels. Click below to get started!