About Techeffex

Professional Digital Marketing

Techeffex is a digital marketing agency offering a full range of services including SEO, website design, paid advertising and more. Our goal is to increase business for our clients while offering the best return on investment. We do that by minimizing overhead costs so our clients only pay for the services that help their business. Our efficient business model means maximum value for our customers.

For most businesses, a strong digital presence is the single most important element of their marketing strategy. Yet keeping up with the constant changes in the technology can be challenging and time consuming.

We know that – we deal with it every day. And we’re here to help you stay up to date on all of it. We take the time to explain everything we do so there is no mystery. Great digital marketing isn’t voodoo – it’s technology. We understand it and we’ll help you understand it too.

Why Techeffex?

Garage Door SEO - Keen Garage Doors homepageYou have a lot of choices when it comes to internet marketing service providers. It’s hard to know what you’re getting and who you can count on to help build your business. Here are some of the things we bring to the table:

Our goal is to help our clients solve their biggest challenges. Here’s where we fit in:

  • Awesome web design and maintenance
  • Proven search engine optimization strategies
  • Cost effective paid advertising
  • Digital technology expertise
  • Engaging content marketing

Meet The Owner

Mike Nelson
SEO & Digital Marketing Expert

I’ve been in technology my entire life. Even when I was a kid I was geeking out at Radio Shack in wonder of all the technology on the shelves. I followed that passion to a career in high tech, designing hardware and software in the telecom industry creating products that power the internet.

In 2005 I found a new passion developing websites which got me hooked on the world of digital marketing. Building websites was great, but marketing them to grow traffic and business levels was exhilarating! Once again I found myself in wonder of all the technology that enables successful digital marketing and in 2007 I started Techeffex.

I really enjoy working with the technology and providing the link between the tech and my clients. I understand how daunting the technology can be and I’m happy to help clients understand and leverage the web for their benefit.

All else being equal, it’s people that define your experience. There’s too much at stake when it comes to marketing your business and you need someone you feel comfortable talking with. Someone who will call you back and someone who will meet you in person. Someone who will go the extra mile and someone who will take the time to help you understand. When you work with Techeffex, you work with me. Emails, phone calls or in person meetings, you’ll be working with me. And I look forward to working with you!

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