Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a way to promote your website or business by paying for an ad on any number of platforms including search engines and social media. It’s a great way to bring traffic to your website or to get direct phone calls.

Pay Per Click advertising is not cheap so it’s important that your ad campaigns are set up properly.

This includes finding the right keywords and creating great ads.

In addition, it’s important to have great landing pages or phone support to convert those clicks into sales.

We can help with your PPC advertising campaigns with the following services:

  • Campaign and Ad Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Landing Page Development
  • Campaign Tracking and Analytics
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Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is one of the most popular paid advertising platforms because the Google Search engine is by far the most used in the world.

Google’s search engine is used for over 90% of all global searches so it makes sense to show up there.

Paid Google Ads are typically displayed at the top and bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, the high visibility comes at a cost. Many businesses may be competing for the same keywords as you which drives up the Cost Per Click (CPC).

Therefore, it’s critical that each click counts, requiring fine tuned campaigns and landing pages.

Google AdWords Benefits

Advertising with AdWords has several advantages over many other advertising platforms:

Huge Audience

As mentioned, the biggest advantage of AdWords is the audience. Whatever your product or service, people are using Google to find it.

Getting your ads in front of prospect searching specifically for what you offer is ideal.

With the right ads in place, it’s a great way to increase sales.

Great Audience Targeting

AdWords allows very fine audience targeting including location and time of day or week.

Local advertisers can target their ads by city, county or state.

In addition, advertisers can set an advertising radius around a chosen location.

Easy Campaign Modification

Once a campaign is set up, it’s very easy to ad support for additional products or services or change the spend budget.

In addition, advertisers can easily pause an ad campaign for whatever reason.

Good Tracking Tools

AdWords provide plenty of advertising data so campaign managers can adjust ads or spend amounts as needed.

Furthermore, AdWords integrates well with a number of other tools including Google Analytics providing even more data analytics.

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Google AdWords Challenges

When used well, AdWords can be a very powerful marketing tool, providing access to a large online audience.

However, AdWords is complex platform making it a challenge for inexperienced users. Here are some considerations:

Campaign Setup

Setting up a cost effective advertising campaign with AdWords is very difficult for the novice.

Google provides some simplified campaign setup tools but we find that these are not cost effective.

More often than not, advertisers pay for some clicks that are not likely to convert.

It’s also important to organize campaigns and ads to allocate advertising budgets efficiently.

Keyword Management

Keyword management is critical to reaching a broad audience while achieving an optimal Return On Investment (ROI).

Advertisers need to reach prospects searching on a large variety of search terms yet avoid terms that are not likely to convert.

Ad Copy

Writing quality ad copy is always a challenge but Google Ads impose additional restrictions including character length and other policy rules.

There are also a number of add-on assets that can help with click rates when done right. But this can be challenging for a novice.

Landing Pages

It’s important to steer a prospect in the right direction with an effective landing page to convert the click.

Once users get to your site, it’s important that the value you provide is clear and what they need to do next is obvious with a good Call to Action (CTA).

If your pages or website is not well set up, you could lose those customers after paying for the click.

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AdWords Management Services

Techeffex brings a lot to the table so advertisers can maximize their paid advertising expenses:

  • Marketing expertise to create high performing ads
  • SEO expertise and tools to find all the best keywords
  • Web design skills to create landing pages that convert
  • AdWords experience to get the most out of the platform and great ROI

AdWords management takes a lot of time and requires significant technical knowledge which may be more than many advertisers have.

Furthermore, advertisers can waste critical advertising dollars when campaigns aren’t set up right.

If you want productive AdWords Management that maximizes your ad spend, get in touch and find out what we can offer!