Napa Web Design

Napa wedding florist web designNapa county is arguably the wine center of the world. France and Italy are nice too, but we’re from the North Bay area so that’s that!

The web design Napa business owners choose has to reflect the beauty and splendor of the region. Techeffex is the right choice for Napa businesses:

  • We’re a local company
  • State of the art design technology
  • Advanced internet marketing so your site shows up on Google including SEO
  • Easy to work with and always there when you need us

Napa is a destination for both tourists and business owners with huge revenues associated with wine production, support industries and tourism. Wineries, tasting rooms, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and more – there is a lot going on in Napa. Many potential visitors are sophisticated internet users who know what they are looking for and expect to find it quickly in a modern, professional web design.

We offer Napa web design services that are second to none in quality and affordability. With a range of choices to suit every budget, Techeffex has a web design solution for you!

WordPress Web Designs

Napa Wine Tour WebsiteNapa web design clients typically choose the WordPress platform for their websites. WordPress offers a ton of design options and functions and the website hosting won’t break the bank. We’ve built a lot of WordPress websites and we’re pretty good at it!

Custom Napa Website Designs

If you’re looking for a little more horsepower and performance from your website, a full custom web design might be right for you. Full custom web designs don’t have all the layers of a WordPress site that can impact performance. When combined with a dedicated cloud hosting solution like Amazon’s AWS, full custom websites score the highest marks with Google’s performance metrics improving user experience and SEO.

eCommerce Website Designs

We have extensive experience building and maintaining high performing eCommerce websites. This includes BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce for WordPress. From a few products or services to 1000s of SKUs, we can help find the right platform to match your needs and budget.

Website MaintenanceNapa Website Maintenance

We provide Napa website maintenance services as part of your online marketing strategy. Google likes to see change as it indicates that someone is taking care of the website and that the business is still active. We are WordPress website pros and can fully support all eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce and more. Some of our services include:

  • WordPress updates
  • Content updates and additions
  • Internal and external link checks
  • SEO check up
  • complete website audit
  • Page speed performance optimization

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Keeping your website up to date is important to prevent hacker intrusions and other malicious attacks. Older software or web server platforms can also experience compatibility and performance issues that can impact your website’s availability. Problems with poorly maintained websites can include:

  • Poor user experience
  • Lower Google search rankings
  • Degraded or unavailable site functionality
  • Incorrect page layout and display
  • Long page loading times
  • Hacking, malware or site blacklisting

Website Content Updates and Additions

You should give your website content a fresh coat of paint from time to time. Google is looking for quality content. Adding more content to further support your keywords can make all the difference and boost your rankings. Here are some considerations:

  • Can you add more information to answer more visitor questions? This helps with search rankings.
  • Is it clear what the site visitor should do to get answers or service?
  • Is there a clear Call to Action? Some well placed calls to action (CTAs) can result in more conversions.
  • Are all images optimized for file size? This has a direct impact on page load time.
  • Are the images having a positive impact on the overall experience?

Link Checks

Most pages have a number of internal and external links. Over time, the URLs being linked to may change or disappear resulting in a “dead link”. This is something that should be checked from time to time as broken links have a major negative impact on Google rankings. Our website audit can find broken links automatically to keep your site link structure intact.

Website Audit

Our audit service allows us to evaluate your website for hundreds of issues that can harm user experience and search rankings. Many issues on their own may not even be visible to the casual visitor, but Google doesn’t miss a thing. Small issues can add up and harm your ranking. Our tools can check for all these issues automatically so your website stays in top shape.

Page Speed Optimization

Page load times are a big factor with Google page ranking so it’s worth a look. There are a lot of factors that contribute to slow page load speed including:

  • Image file size
  • Page element load order
  • File compression
  • Element caching and more

Page load times are especially important for mobile users that may have limited bandwidth. Over half of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. A slow loading page can be a real turn off and cost you business.

Napa SEO

SEO Performance Graph Showing Increase in trafficA great looking website is just the beginning of your digital marketing journey. In today’s competitive environment, your site needs to rank well on Google and the other search engines and we can help. Our sites all come with outstanding SEO right out of the box so that’s a good start. Proper use of tags, optimized keyword density and other on-page SEO is standard with every site. In addition, we have a wealth of experience with SEO that can help you make the most of your website so you get maximum site traffic.

At Techeffex, we understand how competitive marketing your business can be and the web design Napa business owners choose is critical. There is stiff competition to rank well on Google and every element of your design and digital marketing strategy counts. We understand the whole spectrum from great content on your website to technical SEO issues, social media marketing, eCommerce and more. With us, you deal with one point of contact, not several different groups who may not get the whole picture.

We are a local north bay design company and understand what it takes to capture and engage a website visitor with effective internet marketing, social media, and affordable web design services. Give us a call to find out how we can help take your business to the next level!