Internet Marketing Plan

Marketing your business on the internet can be a daunting task. There are many components to a successful internet marketing strategy and knowing where to effectively put your time and resources is not always obvious. So we’re providing an overview of what steps you may want to consider and a Free Digital Marketing Plan Template for your own use.

Target Demographic

Use this section to understand and define your target market. Different groups use different media in different ways and understanding who your customers are and how you can best reach them is a critical starting point.

Competitive Analysis

This section is used to identify your competition. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? How can you provide value that they are not?

Keyword Analysis

Your internet marketing plan must involve a keyword analysis. Keyword analysis involves understanding the keywords and phrases your visitors are using in their search efforts. It is critical to identify both short and long phrases keeping in mind that there may be keywords you haven’t considered. Identify how often keywords are used in search so you can support the ones most likely to result in visitors to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves identifying the many things that can be done on your website both in terms of content and structure. This section can be used as part of an evaluation to determine what SEO improvements can be made on the website.

Social Media

Social Media Optimization has become a very important part of any internet marketing strategy yet can be challenging to do effectively. Use this section to determine which platforms are most important for your market and how to engage on social media in an effective way.


Any business can benefit from adding video to their digital marketing portfolio. Video development can range from basic smartphone video clips to elaborate commercial grade content. Use this section of your internet marketing plan to find something that fits your budget and abilities and get started. The SEO benefits are worth it.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about producing fresh unique content that visitors would find useful. Strategic content can lead to posts going viral on social media and inbound links to your site, all of which lead to better rankings and higher traffic.

Paid Search (PPC)

Use this section to consider if Paid Search makes sense for your situation and if so, how best to run a successful campaign.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, when done right, can be a very effective tool for engaging your clients and keeping them interested in your product or service. Use this section to consider what might work for your market.

Editorial Calendar

These days, to be successful online, you have to produce fresh, interesting content on a regular basis. An editorial calendar is a good way to schedule when content should be created and shared with your audience.


Use this section to identify which tools you can use to help with your internet marketing. There are many free and commercial tools available, use these to make your internet marketing job easier.