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Search Engine Optimization… Proven Results.

Search Engine Optimization…
Proven Results.

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    Techeffex has been a Rohnert Park SEO company since 2005 and our experience makes a difference.

    All our SEO methods are Google approved so you don’t have to worry about disappearing from the search results overnight.

    Our state-of-the-art SEO tools automatically find issues that impact search engine optimization. When they are fixed, websites typically see a significant jump in rankings. And that’s just the start…

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    SEO Services

    Keyword Analysis

    We start by identifying relevant keywords that make sense for your business. These keywords are usually obvious but we always find some that are overlooked that provide additional traffic opportunities.

    We use our SEO tools as well as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to find related keywords allowing us to set target keyword goals and track progress.

    Site Audit

    A site audit is an important step towards rank improvement and is one of our first tasks.

    We find most sites have small issues that impact rankings so we get those cleaned up first.

    Our audit tools allow us to fix these fast and present better a page quality to Google. When these issues are fixed, our client sites see a significant boost in rankings.

    Fixing these issues requires strong technical skills and we’re the SEO company Rohnert Park trusts to get it done.

    Competitive Analysis

    Our SEO tools allow us to track your competitors.

    • Are there keywords they support that you don’t?
    • Do they have some backlinks from sites that you can leverage as well?
    • How do they rank for the same keywords?

    If your competition is doing better in search we will find out how and use that to compete.

    As a result, we can go head to head with your local competitors and dominate!

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    On Page SEO

    We look at each page of your website to see how best to support your keywords including content length, keyword density and more.

    In addition, our tools analyze competing sites to see what they’re doing and how we can use that to our advantage.

    In short, with our web design expertise, we can optimize web pages for both content and performance.

    This is one area that sets us apart from our competition.

    We don’t outsource web design work saving you both time and money.

    Backlink Audit

    Backlinks are links to your site from external websites and are a significant ranking factor.

    We look at all backlinks to make sure none are harming your website’s reputation and are helping with rankings.

    A backlink audit is the first step in the link building effort and can provide valuable insights into where we can add useful backlinks.

    Link Building

    Backlinks are a crucial ranking factor and are one of the most challenging elements of SEO. The trick is to get backlinks from good quality websites so they help rankings.

    Finding good links is hard work and takes time. Our tools help identify backlinks your competitors have as possible opportunities and provide ways to track our link building progress.

    In addition, we focus on developing content that will get linked from other sites, boosting your standing as an expert in your field.

    Content Creation & Marketing

    After optimizing your site’s existing content for target SEO keywords, we begin adding more pages and content to provide more keyword support.

    New content can include added text on existing pages, blog posts, videos and more.

    Our SEO tools do a great job of making content creation suggestions based on what users are searching for.

    The tools allow us to enter topics and get a list of questions searchers have or subjects that are of interest.

    We then develop content providing keyword support which grows the website’s presence and traffic.

    Rohnert Park SEO Company

    We are the top SEO company in Rohnert Park because we know what we’re doing.

    We have the skills, experience and the tools to make an impact on your search rankings, website traffic and sales.

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