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How A Digital Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Biz

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Digital marketing is key for any business to develop new leads and customers while maintaining an existing customer base. The challenge is finding the right mix of strategies that fit your budget and address your audience/market effectively. The marketing options…
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4 Things Every SEO Beginner Should Know

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and covers a large number of tasks and techniques designed to help your website rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Everything about SEO is big. It’s a big industry. It’s a big…

3 Reasons to Secure Your Website With SSL

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What is SSL? SSL stand for Secure Sockets Layer and is a protocol used to encrypt data exchanged between your browser and a web server. The protocol uses digital “keys” known only to your browser and the web server. If…

3 Digital Marketing Packages to Grow Your Business

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It’s no surprise that in today’s internet driven economy, your customers and prospects are searching the internet to find the products and services they need. Most business owners know they need a decent, mobile-friendly website and that ranking on page…
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4 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins

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One of the biggest advantages of using the WordPress platform for website development is the huge number of plugins available.  There are some great free and commercial WordPress plugins available and we thought we’d list those we consider essential for any WordPress development. Here…
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WordPress for the Custom Website Designer

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I started my web design career as a full custom web designer. I had programming experience from my days in the telecom hardware design space and I was used to creating something from nothing. But with the likes of Wix,…
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Google: Love and Hate

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I remember many years ago, before the dawn of the internet age, when our family acquired a set of encyclopedias. Twenty two volumes of knowledge and wisdom spanning all kinds of subjects. When it came time to do a paper for school,…

5 Things To Know About WordPress

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WordPress is fast becoming the most popular open source Content Management System available today. With a huge assortment of themes and plugins available for free or some nominal charge, there is tremendous appeal to the budget minded website owner. While…

What is Net Neutrality?

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Many of us may have heard the term “net neutrality” recently in the news. But what exactly does it mean and why should we care? Think of the internet as a system of roads and freeways. A “neutral” internet provides…