Marin Web Design

LR Bros Painting HomepageAs Marin web designers, we create websites that represent a balance of sophistication with an earthy grass roots feel. Marin county has a wealthy consumer base but they are very in tune with the environment and other progressive issues. Website designs must be artistic without being pretentious. Intriguing yet easy to use.

Our years of experience go into everything we do including brand new website designs. Above all, it’s about providing your customers and prospects the experience they need to get what they came for.

WordPress Web Designs

Marin web design clients looking for a budget friendly solution often choose the WordPress platform for their websites. WordPress offers plenty of design options and functions and the website hosting is affordable. We are expert WordPress developers so you can count on us for spectacular designs that your customers will love!

Custom Websites

If you’re looking for a little more horsepower and performance for your website, a full custom web design might be right for you. Full custom web designs don’t have all the code layers of a WordPress site that impact performance. When combined with a dedicated cloud hosting solution like Amazon’s AWS, full custom websites score the highest marks with Google’s performance metrics improving user experience and SEO.

We were creating custom websites before WordPress was even a thing. We use the latest technologies and coding standards resulting in high performance websites that provide your site visitors the very best experience. In addition, we can design custom functions that may not be possible with other standard platforms. If you have some unique requirements to help separate your business from the pack, consider a customer website solution. The only limit is your imagination!

eCommerce Website Designs

high quality web designSelling product online is very popular among modern consumers. It’s an important marketing channel and critical to some businesses. Yet eCommerce is complex and challenging in a competitive environment. There’s’ more to it that adding products and waiting for orders. Order fulfillment, payment gateways, shipping, sales tax and other elements can make or break your business.

We have extensive experience building and maintaining high performing eCommerce websites. This includes BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce for WordPress. From a few products or services to 1000s of SKUs, we can help find the right platform to match your needs and budget.

Web Design Maintenance

All websites need maintenance from time to time. A website is never a “one and done” deal but rather, a critical marketing hub that should always be updated and maintained. Our maintenance services are affordable and we have a reputation of being very responsive to our client’s needs. Websites require ongoing updates and edits to remain competitive in a tough online environment. We offer website maintenance services that are affordable and keep your website in top shape so you can keep up with your competition.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Keeping your website up to date is important to prevent hacker intrusions and other malicious attacks. Older software or web server platforms can also experience compatibility and performance issues that can impact your website’s availability. Problems with poorly maintained websites can include:

  • Poor user experience
  • Lower Google search rankings
  • Degraded or unavailable site functionality
  • Incorrect page layout and display
  • Long page loading times
  • Hacking, malware or site blacklisting

Website Content Updates and Additions

User searching on GoogleYou should give your website content a fresh coat of paint from time to time. Google is looking for quality content. Adding more content to further support your keywords can make all the difference and boost your rankings. Here are some considerations:

  • Can you add more information to answer more visitor questions? This helps with search rankings.
  • Is it clear what the site visitor should do to get answers or service?
  • Is there a clear Call to Action? Some well placed calls to action (CTAs) can result in more conversions.
  • Are all images optimized for file size? This has a direct impact on page load time.
  • Are the images having a positive impact on the overall experience?

Link Checks

Most pages have a number of internal and external links. Over time, the URLs being linked to may change or disappear resulting in a “dead link”. This is something that should be checked from time to time as broken links have a major negative impact on Google rankings. Our website audit can find broken links automatically to keep your site link structure intact.

Website Audit

Screen grab from SEMRush SEO toolsOur audit service allows us to evaluate your website for hundreds of issues that can harm user experience and search rankings. Many issues on their own may not even be visible to the casual visitor, but Google doesn’t miss a thing. Small issues can add up and harm your ranking. Our tools can check for all these issues automatically so your website stays in top shape.

Page Speed Optimization

Page load times are a big factor with Google page ranking so it’s worth a look. There are a lot of factors that contribute to slow page load speed including:

  • Image file size
  • Page element load order
  • File compression
  • Element caching and more

Page load times are especially important for mobile users that may have limited bandwidth. Over half of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. A slow loading page can be a real turn off and cost you business.

Search Engine Optimization

Marin SEO GraphicAll our Marin web designs come with good SEO right out of the box. Proper use of tags, optimized keyword density and other on-page SEO is standard with every site. In addition, we have a wealth of experience with SEO that can help you make the most of your website so you get maximum site traffic.

If you are in a competitive online space and need to dominate the competition, SEO is the best way to get there. It’s hard work and takes time and patience. But we have the skills and experience to reach your goals and drive website traffic. Find out more about our expert SEO services!

We Are Marin Web Design Experts

We’ve been providing website design and digital marketing solutions to Marin County for over 15 years. When it comes to websites, SEO and digital marketing, experience counts. Trust Techeffex to build an awesome website that will provide a customer friendly experience while growing your business!