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Juniper Lane Skincare provides facials and other skincare and beauty services in Ojai, CA. They had been using Squarespace as a hosting service but found they were running into limitations on achieving the look and feel they wanted. Juniper Lane Skincare asked if we could help migrate the website to amore traditional hosting platform and help capture the essence of their business.

We started the process by evaluating the details of what the business provided and what their target clientele responded to. Juniper Lane also sells beauty products so we needed to focus some attention on an appealing eCommerce function as well as the site esthetic.

We decided on a WordPress based design combined with the WooCommerce shopping cart function which integrates very well with WordPress. Working with the client, we came up with a presentation that captured the essence of the business while matching the target audience expectations.

We have also been providing SEO services including data tracking to assess where the website was in terms of traffic and lead generation. We had made great improvements on the original website SEO and are looking forward to even better results with the new website.

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