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Keen Garage Doors approached Techeffex looking for some effective SEO services. Their existing SEO provider was overcharging and underperforming. To make matters worse, their previous SEO had implemented some dangerous backlink practices which put the website at risk of a Google penalty. Content was poorly written and ineffective in supporting target keywords. The existing website was good, with decent content organization but had some page load speed issues.

We began by addressing the performance issues including optimizing images and other technical SEO concerns. We have since been focusing on content development to support their target keywords and service locations. The website ranks very well now in its target locations and we are continuing to gain visibility. Traffic levels are increasing steadily with resulting increases in sales.

Keen Garage Doors provides garage door repair services in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and Lake counties. As with most businesses, there is stiff competition and the competing providers aren’t sitting by watching Keen Garage Doors take over. SEO is an ongoing battle and we are with Keen Garage Doors for the long haul!

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