3 Digital Marketing Packages to Grow Your Business

exchange apps with a digital tabletIt’s no surprise that in today’s internet driven economy, your customers and prospects are searching the internet to find the products and services they need. Most business owners know they need a decent, mobile-friendly website and that ranking on page 1 of a Google search is critical. But in today’s competitive environment, that’s really just the start. There are a huge array of technologies and platforms available for marketing, often at little or no cost. Finding the time and resources to learn and use these tools effectively is a challenge.

We’re introducing 3 new Marketing Service packages that will allow business owners to get that additional marketing muscle at prices they can afford. We’ve spent the last 18 months helping a small business with 5 employees grow into a manufacturing business with 80+ employees. With half a million website visitors every month, we’ve learned what technologies work with real numbers to prove it. Now we want to share our knowledge with all our customers.

What did we learn? Here are some great examples:

Email marketing works: Many folks are reluctant to leverage email for fear of being labelled spammers. But when set up to adhere to anti-spam guidelines, Email Marketing turns out to be an incredibly powerful tool to drive sales or keep customers engaged. And it’s very cost effective.

Facebook: Say what you will, but most people use Facebook and many business owners don’t know how to leverage this huge audience. The real secret though is Facebook advertising. Turns out Facebook is a very cost effective paid advertising platform, often with better results than Google Adwords. Facebook provides a lot of settings to target particular locations, demographics and interests.

Not all images are created equal: Time and time again we ran A/B tests where 2 images are randomly displayed on page load to see which have greater impact. In most cases, the results were not what we expected. This tells us that despite our best efforts, we don’t always know what our audience responds to and continually testing and measuring new things is a good idea.

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