Dedicated Hosting

Hosting providers generally offer three types of hosting service: shared, virtual dedicated hosting and dedicated hosting. A shared server means your website competes with other websites loaded on your server for bandwidth and processor time. Virtual dedicated servers also have many websites on a single server, but each user is guaranteed a certain amount of bandwidth and processor time. Dedicated hosting refers to a hosting service where the customer leases a server, “dedicated” to their needs. There are no other users on the server so your website(s) get full access to all the bandwidth and processor time.

Here are some reasons to consider a dedicated hosting solution:

High Traffic Volume
Although there are many shared hosting offerings that offer unlimited monthly bandwidth, you are still limited by the connection to the server and the number of websites sharing it. A dedicated server gives your site access to all the bandwidth available to that server.

If your website has high performance requirements, having a dedicated processor for your site might be the way to go.

Remote Storage
In addition to the performance advantages, you get full access to a remote server that can be used as a file server and/or mail server. You can store backup data on the server and run any applications you like. If you need more than a clunky old shared server solution, consider upgrading to a Dedicated Hosting solution.