Collateral Content Marketing To Increase Traffic To Your Website

By now many of us are aware that we need to write new and compelling content on regular basis (daily) to reap the rewards of higher page ranking with Google. If I sell shoes and write many articles about shoes, there’s a good chance that someone searching for shoes on Google may find my website when they search for shoes or running shoes or tennis shoes.

But what if I have invented a great bubble bath for shoes that I want to market on the internet? Who would be searching for such a thing?  Few people I would guess, so how do you market something that people may not be searching for or even know exists? This is where “Collateral Content Marketing” comes in to play.

We know that a constant stream of blog posts bestowing the virtues of our product or service can get old in a hurry and lead to audience disengagement. We know that to be successful on social media, we need to create or participate in conversations in a non-selling mode (click here for tips on social media). By virtue of being in the conversation, we get some exposure for our product or service, even if the conversation is about something unrelated.

Collateral Marketing allows us to write about subjects that may not directly have to do with what we are selling. Even if my only product is the new “Bubble Bath For Shoes”, by writing about shoes, bubble bath, shoe cleaning products, shoe cleaning techniques and so on, I can draw an audience to my site to read my articles. Once they are on my site, perhaps they will follow that well placed link to my page describing “Bubble Bath For Shoes” leading to product awareness.

The point is to think beyond just what products or services you offer. Think about something related, even remotely related, that may garner some attention and bring in some website visitors. Collateral Marketing is the art of creating conversations about a subject that may be one or more degrees removed from what is it we’re selling.

Write a compelling article as part of your web design and engage on social media and you will see traffic levels at your site rise. This leads to brand awareness and also helps Google determine who and what’s important.

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