5 Common Web Design Myths

It’s not always easy to get reliable information on how best to market your business on the internet. Yet it may be the most important element in your marketing strategy. Here are a few myths that we hear a lot:

1) A Website Should Have A Lot Of Animation To Impress Visitors

This is one of the most common misconceptions about what makes a good web design. Business owners often feel they need to entertain their visitors with fancy slideshows and animations effects. Truth is, your most important visitors are seeking answers to questions and they are at your site hoping you have the answers. Even with the greatest animations ever created, visitors will say “Great, but do you have the information I’m looking for?”. Focus your efforts on understanding what visitors want to know and make sure it’s easy to find on your site through good content organization. Providing useful information is also what Google likes, so if ranking high on Google is important (and it is), make sure you and your designer are focused on content organization.

2) Social Media Isn’t Important For My Business

Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest – the list seems endless. Who has the time to learn all these and what good will it do my business? It’s very easy to turn away from social media because it presents many challenges in terms of time and technology. Yet if ranking well on Google is important to your business, you may be hurting your business by ignoring these social media platforms. In August 2013, Google made significant changes to how they rank websites. Their “Hummingbird” release changed the game for everyone. They now consider social media engagement as a significant factor in determining site ranking. If your competitors get involved with social media and you don’t, you will find over time that your ranking begins to slip. Building a presence takes time and if you wait until you fall behind in the rankings, it could be disastrous.

3) My Website Is Fine The Way It Is

j0309300Web design technology evolves at a very rapid pace. Think of how often new Iphones or other tech gadgets are launched. A fresh website today could look old and out of date in as little as a year. You should always be looking at Frisco Web Design options and finding ways to make your site even better. Take a look at your website and your competitors and be honest about how it looks. What does an old, out of date website say to prospective clients? When building a new site, make sure it is using the latest or upcoming trends to ensure it will last as long as possible.

4) I Don’t Need A Mobile Site

We still hear this and yes you do. Mobile includes smartphones and tablets and account for 30% to 50% of all internet traffic. Many people use their tablets much more than a laptop or desktop. Take a look at your site on a mobile device. If it’s awkward to use, you need to add mobile capabilities with an updated responsive site or a standalone mobile site. Remember, as much as half of your prospects may be viewing your site on a mobile device.

5) I Can Get A Free Website For My Company

Free websites sound great, but they come with a lot of catches. You will find advertisements on your site that are out of your control, a domain name that doesn’t represent your business well and poor search engine rankings. If you use your website as a part of your business marketing strategy, you’ll want to take a long hard look at what you get for free.